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Note from Management

Welcome to our new and improved website.

You will notice that we have updated the look and feel of our website as well as added some additional content in an attempt to offer as much information to our customers as possible. In particular, you will notice that we have:
  • Introduced our patented SCSMA (Single Crystal Shape Memory Alloy) material. This alloy offers very significant improvements over commercially available SMA, in particular with regard to stroke recovery and higher transition temperature.

  • Updated the content of the product pages to more accurately reflect the specification of our growing number of heritage actuators that we offer. This spans our line of Frangibolts, Pinpullers and ERMs, all of which can be purchased as COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) with significant space pedigree, and

  • Introduced a few simple animation (and videos) of our products to demonstrate how they operate and reset. These should be particularly useful to those that are less familiar with our products and want to understand how they work.
The information is also organized to highlight the following aspects of the company.
    1) Our primary business continues to be Actuators for "Space" applications although over the last 10 years we have observed an increasing number of applications in Aviation, Underwater, Fire Safety and Down-Hole.

    2) Although we have an expansive line of "standard actuators" approximately 50% of our business continues to be development of new or modified versions of our products. Although it is impossible to show every embodiment, we have highlighted those that are requested on a recurring basis. Please contact us for more information if you need something different than what's shown.

    3) Our active R&D program currently engaged in development of valves for Fire Safety applications, cable cutters for Search & Rescue operations, and emergency ejection mechanisms for military vehicles.
Most importantly we would like to highlight that although the company logo and the website may look different, the management team, people and products of TiNi Aerospace are very much the same. You should therefore continue to expect the same level of technical expertise, professionalism, and willingness to share information from our staff, as well as the same dedication to designing and manufacturing products which are inherently simple, reliable, and of the utmost quality.

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