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ERM Concept

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ERM Concept
The animation on this page shows how the ERM is typically used to release a deployable*. This includes the following key steps.

1) Fasten the ERM to the "structure" in your assembly. This is typically the non-movable component.

2) Attach the "load" to the ERM Coupler and torque to the prescribed torque.

3) Power the ERM to release the Coupler and attached deployable.

4) Reset the ERM using the simple "jack screw" type tool provided.

As with all TiNi products, this can be repeated for 100s of cycles.

* Please note that the particular configuration (including use of cup-cone interface) shown is intended to be an example only. A "releasable joint" using the ERM can be configured in numerous different ways. Please contact TiNi for any assistance or guidance needed in the design of any of our products in your application. You can initiate this with an email to CONTACT US.

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