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TiNi's Ejector Release Mechanism (ERM) is a uniquely simple and effective device which offers both high load holding capability and fast actuation time. The principal of operation is that a bolt is threaded into the coupler section of the Actuator and used to secure a deployable. On command, however, the coupler section can be released by powering the Actuator.

The ERM offers the following key features:
  • Flight Qualified
    The ERM is a derivative of our Pinpuller product line and was first flight qualified in March of 2001.

  • Fast Acting
    By directly passing current through the Nitinol wire, the ERMs perform in millisecond time frame making them ideal for synchronized and simultaneous release of multiple tie-down payloads. The ERM can jettison the deployable with a standard pyro pulse limited to 5 amperes and 50 milliseconds.

  • Misalignment Protection
    The ERM has a swivel capability in which the Actuator housing can rotate up to 5 degrees within the mounting enclosure. This is an important feature for applications where the deployable is hinged and therefore traverses an arc as it is released.

  • Redundant Firing Circuit
    As with all TiNi Actuators a redundant SMA circuit is incorporated. This provides complete electrical redundancy as well as mechanical redundancy for the critical TiNi trigger element.

  • Auto Shut-Off Switches
    Simple Mechanical Shut-Off Switches are incorporated into each ERM to protect the TiNi wire from overheating. Once the actuation takes place, the Auto Shutt-Off Switch cuts off the power source from the TiNi wire. Each redundant firing circuit has its own dedicated Auto Shut-Off Switch

  • Simple Reset
    The ERM can be reset within seconds while still attached to the structure via a simple tool provided by TiNi Aerospace.

  • High Load Capacity
    The range of ERMs currently available have load capability of between 250 to 4000 lbs.

The ERM family of Actuators falls into two groups, Standard ERMs and Custom ERMs. The Standard ERMs have similar design features and are offered in different load capacity to fit customer needs. You can find a listing of such ERMs along with specification under the Standard ERM link. In addition, many custom Ejectors have been developed over the years in response to customer's unique requirements.

While the core release mechanism remains the same, many of the product features can be modified to fit the customer requirements. You can find some examples of the Custom ERMs under the Custom ERM link. The examples sited are meant to showcase the types of design modification which could be done by our engineering team with minimal Non Recurring Engineering (NRE) charge. Please contact us if you need a custom ERM for your application. Our engineering team can quickly ascertain the scope of modification that is required and provide you with a quotation.

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