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TiNi Aerospace, Inc.
Does TiNi provide Engineering services as well as products? Yes, approximately 30% of our business is for Engineering work which may include Design, R&D, Testing, etc.
Are TiNi products available from distributors in the U.S. or abroad? No, all products must be purchased directly from TiNi Aerospace. We do however have partners in Italy, Japan, and elsewhere to facilitate this process and provide further support if needed.
Are TiNi products controlled under ITAR? Yes, the export of all TiNi products (and information) is controlled under ITAR (International Trade of Arms Regulations) under the U.S. Department of State. This is not because TiNi products directly provide a military function but rather because they are used aboard satellites or spacecraft. Per category XV of the USML (United States Munition List) the export of all parts and components used on a spacecraft is ITAR controlled.
How difficult is it to get an export license for usage of TiNi products outside of the U.S.? We routinely file for and receive an export license for shipments to ally countries. This typically takes 2-3 weeks and only requires an "End User Declaration" by our customers. Shipment to Embargo countries is however forbidden. See list at www.pmddtc.state.gov Example of countries that are currently on this list include China, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Fiji, Venezuela, and Libya.
Is TiNi an AS9100 certified company? Yes, our QMS (Quality Management System) has been certified to AS-9100 since 2005, and to ISO 9001 standard since 1999.

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