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Pinpuller Concept

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Pinpuller Concept
The animation on this page shows how the Pinpuller is typically used to release a deployable*. In particular, note that the reset function can be carried out in different ways as shown: Namely,

1) The Pin can be "pulled out" from the front side of the Pinpuller, or

2) The Pin can be "pushed out" from the rear side of the Pinpuller.

In both cases, TiNi provides the simple tool required to accomplish this task.

* Please note that the particular configuration shown is that of the deployable acting as a side load on the Pin and one where the released component pulls completely away from the Pinpuller joint.

Numerous other designs using the Pinpuller are possible and have been successfully implemented. These include configurations where the Load is acting axially on the Pin (whether in an inward or outward direction) and instances where the Pin is physically attached to the load such that its translation (retraction) generates the movement required. Please contact TiNi for any assistance or guidance needed in the design of any of our products in your application. You can initiate this with an email to CONTACT US.

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