TiNi’s Subsea Pinpullers have been used in many oceanic projects. Typical applications include deployment of ballasts, buoys, cables, and other items from a wide array of AUVs. Much like our ERMs they include a Pressure Balanced and Oil Filled (PBOF) enclosure such that they can be used directly in sea water at high pressure.

TiNi Subsea Pinpullers Offer the following advantages:

NEA (Non-Explosive Actuators)
 – As with all TiNi products, the Pinpuller is non-pyrotechnic and field reset-able with a minimum qualified life of 50 cycles.

Rated to High Pressure – 
All Subsea Pinpullers incorporate a PBOF enclosure such that they can be used directly in sea water. All materials used have been selected to minimize corrosion and need for shipboard maintenance.

Field Reset-able and Reliable – The Pinpuller can be reset within seconds while still attached to the structure via a simple tool provided by TiNi Aerospace.

Redundant Firing Circuit – 
As with all TiNi Actuators a redundant SMA circuit is incorporated. This provides complete electrical redundancy as well as mechanical redundancy for the critical TiNi trigger element.

Fast Acting – All TiNi Pinpullers can be actuated with a standard pyro pulse of only 25 milliseconds or less.

Auto Shut-Off Switches – Simple Auto Shut Off Switches are incorporated into each ERM to protect the TiNi Trigger. This makes them very “user friendly” and operable from a wide range of current and voltages.

Subsea Pinpuller Options


The P50 size Pinpuller retracts the output pin with 50 lb (222 N) of force, in a matter of milli-seconds. It is capable of supporting applied side loads up to 490 lbf (2,180 N) during transport and deployment. As with all TiNi products, key attributes include:


  • Non Pyrotechnic and Field Reset-able
  • Redundant Firing Circuit,
  • Maximum Reliability Thru
    • Design Simplicity
    • Pedigree, and
    • Testability

    * Reset Tool Provided by TiNi Aerospace, Inc.

Function Time at Various Temperatures

Nominal values for reference only.

P50-PBOF Specifications

Specification subject to revision. Contact TiNi Aerospace for detailed ICD (Interface Control Drawing).

Pinpuller Accessories


All TiNi standard Pinpullers are rated for a life of a minimum 100 actuation and reset cycles. For continued testing, TiNi provides reset tools of various shapes and designs - A few of which are shown in the photo to the right.

Standard Pinpuller reset tools come in two basic designs - A manual "push-pull" type that can be used to reset Pinpullers up to 10 lbf. (ie P10), and a jack screw type that is used to reset up to 1000 lbf. All are simple to use and can be readily customized to suit application constraints.

Reset Tool Details for TiNi Pinpuller Options

Note: Contact TiNi Aerospace for detailed ICD (Internal Control Drawing).

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